Mama Power


I spent some of my Saturday at MomCom Austin today, and I’m all abuzz.  It was a gathering of 150 women for a mix of discussion, learning, listening to speakers, sharing, eating, and general chilling out.  There was some pretty fabulous energy in that room.

I was there as a representative of Cheer Up Buttercups, talking about all the awesome services available to support new parents through the preschool years.    As anyone who has ever met me can attest, I love talking.  I really love talking about healthy parenting.  I super really love talking about ways we as a community can do a better job helping each other navigate the early years of parenthood.  As you can imagine, it was all pretty fabulous.

Despite spending most of my time behind the exhibit table, I was able to meet the beautiful brains behind local companies such as Great Moments in Parenting, Olive You Nanny Services, Striped Shirt, TX MILK, and Mamashine.  It was really exciting to hear the passion of each of these entrepreneurs, animated by talking about doing work that they love.

As parents we all face decisions about work-life balance.  I am fortunate to be doing something I love and still have so much time with my children.  I have a lot of irons in the fire regarding my business growth in 2013, and after being at MomCom, I’m even more fired up to go out and be awesome.

Now you go do the same.  Good health & great happiness to you.

None of the companies mentioned in this post asked me to blog about them.  I just thought they were cool women, and as a mama and a business owner, I like to support cool women.  Simple.


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