Parent Resources- To the Rescue!

It’s been nearly five years since I first started working as a personal trainer, and in that time I’ve intentionally kept a small, part-time client load.   After all, keeping balance is what it’s always been about.  I have been blessed to grow a business doing something  I love through word-of-mouth referrals.

I’m pleased to announce that, in addition to the fabulous referrals my clients give me for which I am so very grateful and the good folks who find me the old fashioned way (you know, the internet!), the personal training services of Balance Personal Fitness Training are also now being offered through Cheer Up Buttercups, a new Austin-based parent resource one-stop shop.

Cheer Up ButterCups

If you’ve ever wondered why you have to spend so much time tracking down experts in all areas of child-raising, Cheer Up Buttercups is here to help.  From issues such as sleep training (what style works best for each individual child and famly) to lactation consultants to nutritional consulting, the women of Cheer Up Buttercups can point you in the right direction.  I’ve known one of the co-founders for about five years, and I assure you that this new venture has mindful parenting and family wellness as its basis.  Take a look at their website, read through their blog, and find out how the services of the experts who work with Cheer Up Buttercups can help you and your family.

My Balance clients have learned that I deliver excellent service and tailor-made training, so I’m happy to have an additional platform to help change lives for the better.  I am so grateful to be part of the family wellness movement here in Austin.


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