I’m totally sneaking in here in the last few hours of November so I don’t go the whole month without blogging.  It’s not that I don’t want to write posts; I write them all the time in my head.  I just don’t seem to be getting them into the computer in a timely fashion.

And then there’s the reality of the busy-ness of this November that’s gotten in my way a bit, too.  That’s not a complaint, though.  I’ve had an exceptional month.

I started the month by organizing all of the Halloween photos I took of my kids.  As a sewing mama, I made their costumes, and I must say they were adorable.  C’mon, you know you want to see my Jedis– Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Obi Wan Kenobi.



No sooner had I finished that task than I received the images from our family photo shoot a month before.  The fabulously talented Shannon Cunningham worked magic.  She captured the personalities of our kids perfectly.  I could not stop looking at the images and basking in the love and gratitude I have for my family.


And then came the big event of the month.  For the first time since we became parents nearly nine-and-a-half years ago, my husband and I went on a trip.  Alone.  We went to Buenos Aires for five days and walked, ran, ate, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves all over this fascinating city.  It was an amazing getaway from real life.


By the time we got home from our trip, Thanksgiving was sneaking up on us.  That meant I’d have a house full of people for five days.  I know lots of people hate houseguests.  Not me.  I love them.  Not only do I love the sound of laughter of cousins playing, the smells of big pots of food simmering on the stove, and the general chaos of being together, but I am grateful for the way houseguests motivate me to clean my house in a way I’m not normally inspired to do.

Thanksgiving day started off with the Thundercloud Subs Turkey Trot 5 miler, where I toed the line with my dad and my husband.  To be in the crowd of 23,000 people who chose to start their holiday doing something healthy in the community of other wellness-minded folks is, well, pure awesome.  I managed to run a decently respectable time, and for the first time ever I beat my dad in a road race.  Let’s ignore the fact he turns 66 next month…..

We had a Thanksgiving feast in the company of about 45 friends and relations.  Like thousands of other feasts around the country, we had more food than we could have eaten in two days.  Like thousands of other feasts around Texas, we enjoyed a glorious warm and sunny afternoon.  The blessings of abundance were, indeed, a reason to give hearty thanks.

(I’ve also spent a lot of November helping The Bear, age 9, work on his science fair project.  While I am thankful for a motivated, engaged student, I have to admit I really hate the science fair.  See?  It’s not always sunshine and rainbows around here!)

I would be remiss in recounting my reasons for celebrating the month of November if I don’t take a small moment to say NOTRE DAME IS 12-0!  There are a lot of people in my house giving thanks for a great football season by the Irish.  

Threaded throughout the month, as always, are the awesome clients of Balance Personal Fitness Training.  Welcome to the two new clients who I met this month; I look forward to walking with you on your wellness journey. I am grateful beyond measure to do work that I love and still have quality time with my family.  

As always, my hope is good health and great happiness for each of you.



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