Scottie Strong!

Today was field day at my boys’ school.  If you want to know about a public school PE program that is doing amazing things, read on.

The school’s mascot is the scottie dog, and this year’s Scottie Olympics theme was “I’m Scottie Strong!”  The genius behind the event (and CFO– Chief Fitness Officer) is the school’s PE coach, Jim DeLine.  He worked tirelessly with part-time PE coach James Supak and a very large contingent of parent volunteers.

Promoting an atmosphere of friendly competition– and always stressing that participating with your best effort is the goal for which one should always strive–the Scottie Olympics are a day of relay races, teamwork games, and favorite PE activities.

If you think this type of event is just thrown together, take a look at how detailed the schedule is:

The Kindergarteners started off the event.  First, the Olympians filed in to the arena.  That’s my Monkey with the water bottle, quite excited for the events.

First race?  The hurdles:

There were relay races, too, in which the kids had to use their “butterfly hands” to ensure a good hand-off of the baton.

The kinder kids were lucky to compete in the morning.  As the day wore on, the sun got really strong.  Thankfully, a local dermatologist had donated sunscreen, and it was readily available to apply it regularly.

Each child brought a water bottle from home, and the teacher carried each class’ bottles from station to station.

In addition to the outdoor races and games, there were several indoor stations.  I arrived just in time to see my third-grader preparing for the long jump.

Good jump!

For the kids, the highlight of the day is the tug-0f-war: Parents vs. Kids!

The kids won!

Parent and businesses sponsor the Scottie Olympics, and the planning committee makes sure they are acknowledged.

Running the events are “Junior Coaches”– fifth-grade students who volunteer for a year-long training program to learn how to teach sports skills and lead activities with younger students.  Under the direction of Coach DeLine, they do an amazing job keeping the events of Scottie Olympics running on-time and with a positive, encouraging atmosphere.

In summary, what you have is a day devoted to the fun of fitness, where older students feel ownership of the event and the whole school is bursting with Scottie pride.  While this event wouldn’t be possible without the hours of parent volunteer efforts, it helps to have a PE coach who is so dedicated to his job that he camped out the night before just to make sure no one came into the park and messed with all the set-up the volunteers and parent coaches had done.

Seriously.  See that yellow tent in the background, left side of the photo above?  A public school PE coach SLEPT OUTSIDE just to make sure everything would be perfect for the kids to have a fantastic field day.

Talk about walking the walk.



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