Speaking of Fitness…..

Whether you are looking for a speaker for your mother’s group, play group, service & social club, or corporate wellness luncheon, I would love to talk with you about bringing my message of balance to your group.  As a former college professor, I have a lot of experience speaking to large groups.  Most importantly, I am adept at identifying my audience and tailoring my talk to their needs and wants.  I hate to have my time wasted, so I strive to deliver the most useful information in the most efficient way.  That’s no surprise to my personal training clients who know that efficient, effective workouts are my signature business.

I have several topics for which I am known on the speaking circuit.  My specialty certification in pre- and post-natal fitness means I can speak to mother’s groups about how to fit exercise into life with a busy little one.  My talk about playground fitness is a hit with play groups.  I can also speak about how to integrate fitness into your family’s lifestyle in a fun, non-competitive way.  For corporate crowds, I like to speak about ways to create an atmosphere of wellness in the workplace: ways you can get up and moving during the workday to increase productivity, employee morale, and individual fitness.   If you have a group that is interested in training for a road race or endurance event, my years as a competitive runner give me plenty of material for offering training advice and race day anecdotes.

I look forward to hearing from you and finding a way I can share my passion for living a fit and well-balanced life.  Good health and great happiness to you.


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