Ladies of the ATX!

Friends and clients often ask me where I buy my favorite workout clothes.  Without hesitation, I answer “Title Nine!”  Not only are the clothes great for working out, but they are well-made and fashionable, too.  Since I am usually travelling from client to client and then morphing immediately into Mama mode, I love that I can wear one outfit all day, look professional, and feel great.

On March 15 from 3-9pm, the Austin store (at 5th & Lamar) is having a by-invitation-only Bra Fit Fest. The Title Nine ‘bravangelists’ will get you into the right bra for your body and your sport, promising wrinkle-free fit, proper cup containment, good strap alignment, decreased bounce, and increased happiness.  If that’s not enough, you’ll receive 10% off your bra purchases that night.  Free snacky treat, too.  Woo hoo!  Just call Title Nine at 322-9902 to reserve your fitting time.

And at the risk of an overshare, I’m sitting here typing this post as I cool down from my morning run.  I’m wearing my favorite running bra, which I purchased at Title Nine and reach for every time I’m getting dressed to run.  Come to think of it, it’s also my favorite flying trapeze bra.  How’s that for an endorsement?

Disclaimer: While the good women at Title Nine Austin did ask me to promote the bra fitting event, the superfluous giddiness about their clothes is derived entirely from my own good experiences with them.


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