Great Gorillas!

One of the things I love most about living in Austin are the people.  Sure, that’s a broad statement, but let me introduce you to one of Austin’s finest families: The Great Family.  Okay, that’s not their real name, but the mama of the family is the blogess behind Great Jen Creations, and what the Great family did last weekend was beyond great.  It was so totally too much fun that I’m more than a little jealous I didn’t think of getting my family involved, too.

Last Saturday The Greats joined thousands of other gorilla-suit-wearing-Austinites to run, walk, scooter, or stroll a 5K through the streets of downtown.  The second annual Gorilla Run 5K raised money for the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund, a group that supports African students in veterinary educational training who are working to protect the endangered mountain gorilla.  That means we’ve got a fun, family-friendly fitness activity that benefits education of people and sustaining wildlife.  How cool is that?

I commend the Greats—who are lawyers by day and awesome parents 24/7—for getting their family involved in this event.  What kid wouldn’t think that the entire family wearing gorilla suits out in public was an awesome idea?  This is the heart of childhood, when you and your parents do something a little wild and crazy together.  I think we can all agree from looking at this picture that Big Sister will remember this day her entire life:


Now y’all go on out there and be great, too.


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