Goal Setting, Spring 2012

I’m back into the swing of regular life, the hectic pace of the holidays and relaxing days of vacation behind me.  I’ve spent some time this week thinking about my fitness goals for the first few months of the year.

Like many of my clients, I have to fit in my exercise with the daily demands of work and family life.  In the last quarter of 2011,  I really backed off of my running, instead choosing to support my husband as he trained for his next half-marathon.  We have learned that each of us trying to train for a distance event at the same time doesn’t work well for our family, so instead I started a strength training program to increase my lean muscle mass and refine the shape of my post-partum body. (I’ll talk more about the program in my next blog post….stay tuned!)

While I am still strength training with clear intentions, I am ready to set a running goal.  The Manzano Mile is a great opportunity for me to test my leaner, stronger body in my favorite sport.  Running a one-mile race fits in well with my strength training goals– think of the body differences between a sprinter and a marathoner– and it also allows me to continue my favored training style: short, intense workouts.

My family had a great experience at The Manzano Mile last year.  I encourage those of you with young kids to register for the FREE kids’ event.  If anyone is interested in learning the ins and outs of interval running and track workouts, I offer running coaching and would love to work with you.  This event is a small, non-threatening way to experience the thrill of the track.

Last April, I gave Olympic great Leo Manzano my word that I would run his race this year, and I’m looking forward to making good on my word.



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