Happy New Year!

My new years greetings are a bit belated, as I’ve been busy starting the new year the way I hope to spend all of 2012.  My family and I traveled to London so we could enjoy the city and visit friends, and it got our year off to the perfect start.  

We had long, leisurely days together, ate good food, had meaningful visits with people we hold dear, and plain old just enjoyed ourselves.  Watching my boys renew friendships and visit places where they have built memories is such a thrill.  Introducing my baby girl to the women who buoyed me through my first year of motherhood was especially wonderful. There really is nothing like those friendships, and I am so grateful for them.

My husband is optimistic for a good year, too, as he ran a 10K on new year’s day and finished two minutes faster than he ran in the same race TEN YEARS ago.  That’s pretty darn exciting!  I’m looking forward to supporting him through his fourth half-marathon later this month.

I’m excited about some new ways Balance Personal Fitness Training will grow and change this year.  I will continue to work with individual clients, but I am dedicating this year to growing participation in  my group classes.  I always have so much fun leading them, and I really like the communities that form when there’s so much positive energy around.  Stay tuned for more information!

I wish you good health and great happiness in the year ahead.




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