Wednesday Wellness: Thai Yoga Massage

It probably doesn’t surprise any of you to find out that I love massage. I’m not the kind of gal who spends money on haircuts, facials, pedicures, and such; however, if I could afford to have a massage every day, I would. I love what it does for me mentally and physically.

I had my first experience with Thai yoga massage last week. Unlike other forms of massage, Thai yoga massage is done fully clothed, and no oils are used. It is also active, as the therapist moves around the recipient in order to move the recipient’s body into different stretches. The session I had was 90 minutes of deep breathing, supported poses, and intense stretching.

I received my massage from Diego who works out of MassagEscape in South Austin. I had purchased the session from a group buy site, as I was unsure whether I’d enjoy this type of massage or not. Diego was outstanding. He gave me a clear explanation of what to expect, and he moved my body with care and intention. When I needed to move to help align my body differently, Diego spoke softly to honor the calm environment.

Because of the active nature of the massage, I didn’t find it particularly relaxing. Don’t get me wrong: it felt fantastic. There’s just no way to doze off when someone is bending your body and your muscles are being deeply stretched. After I got home, though, I felt incredibly relaxed. It was such a treat to have someone help me stretch, and I felt the benefits of the Thai yoga massage in my runs later in the week.

I definitely recommend Thai yoga massage with Diego. I’m glad I tried this new (to me) massage modality.

Good health and great happiness to you.

Neither Diego nor MassagEscape compensated me for writing this blog post.


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