Guilty Pleasure, Good Reminder

I was nursing Baby Rosa this afternoon, and I flipped through the TV channels to find something mindless to watch. I happened upon “Pregnant in Heels” the new Bravo series that chronicles Rosie Pope, a self-styled pregnancy guru, and her wealthy clients in New York City. It’s one of those fabulous train wrecks of shows during which you want to jump through your television to beat some sense into people. (Figuratively, of course; I don’t encourage violence.)

In the episode I saw, Rosie was working with a pregnant woman, Robyn, who was gaining too much weight. First, it must be said that Robyn’s care provider had not made this determination. Rosie took Robyn to Central Park to meet up with a personal trainer, who Rosie described as “great with pregnant women.” The trainer, whose credentials were never given, asked Robyn to do two things that concerned me. First, she asked Robyn to lie on her back for an exercise despite Robyn being well past the 15 weeks of gestation benchmark universally considered as the point at which pregnant women should no longer lie on their back during exercise (or sleeping). The way the show was edited, the trainer looked really confused when Robyn informed her of this what-should-be-well-known point. Secondly, the trainer asked Robyn to sprint. For a woman who has not been regularly physically active either before or during the pregnancy, this is a foolish request. I had great doubt regarding the qualifications of this trainer, and I was worried for Robyn’s well-being.

I don’t write this post to disparage the trainer or discourage Rosie from promoting health and wellness in pregnant women. Rather, I think the episode serves as a pointed reminder that not all personal trainers are created equal. If you have any specialty concerns with your fitness, do seek out a certified trainer who has a specialization to meet your needs.

Good health and great happiness to you.


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