Embracing Change

2010 was quite a year for my family.

My husband quit his job of 12.5 years with no further employment lined up. Instead, we took our kids on an eight-week trip. It was early in that adventure that we found out about our Stowaway baby…now just three weeks away from her due date. Instead of spending part of my summer vacation drawing up a new business plan to take advantage of the greater time I was planning on working once The Monkey goes to Kindergarten in August, I was thinking about how my business was going to adapt when I have a newborn again. In some ways, life is far more complex than it was 4.5 years ago when The Monkey was born and The Bear (nearly age 3) became a big brother. The boys now each have their own friends and activities, and my attention is needed for school projects and carpools. On the other hand, my boys can take themselves to the bathroom, get themselves dressed, and they can even pour their own cereal and make PB&J sandwiches. They also play together really well, which has been one of the most exciting developments of the past year.

This autumn, my husband created meaningful work for himself: he started a business and is working as a consultant, doing the types of IT work at which he excels. He has a flexible schedule and retains his work-from-home arrangement that is so important to our family. Sure, it’s risky and uncertain in this economy to strike out alone, but we’ve learned that seeking out opportunity and taking advantage of it– when it fits in with our family’s life– is what we really value.

So, as I sit here at the beginning of 2011 and think about what the year ahead is going to look like, I’m hoping to continue to embrace change as my family, my business, and I all enter a new phase.


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