Wellness for Less

Don’t call me cheap; I am thrifty. I love a good deal, and when I happen upon a good deal I like to share it with others.

One of my favorite recent marketing trends is that of the old-school cooperative here in the internet age: businesses offer a substantial discount if a certain number of people buy in to a deal for their product or service. Consumers sign up through a website to receive an email with a daily deal, and at the end of the day, that deal is no longer valid. If enough people have bought into the deal, it’s a go; if not, no one gets the bargain.

How does this relate to wellness? In the year that I have been receiving these email deal alerts, I would say that at least one deal per week per deal site has to do with health and fitness. Whether it is an unlimited 30-day pass to a yoga studio or a 60-minute massage or a package of 5 personal training sessions, these types of services are extremely popular. If you like to treat yourself well but can’t afford full price (or you just like trying different providers or activities), I recommend checking out the options.

How do you sign up? Check out the following sites, most of which have city-specific subsites.
Living Social
Morgan’s Deals
Buy With Me

As full disclosure, if you register using the link above, I may receive a benefit back to my account. But then you, too, can go ahead and spread the word. Saving money and treating yourself well are too important to keep to yourself! These vouchers also make great gifts. And, no, no one can see how much you paid for them saved.

Good health and great happiness to you!


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