On your mark….

Do you have a child age 5-14 and live in the Austin area? If so, come on out to Festival Beach on Saturday November 20th for the 34th Annual Austin Youth Cross Country Run.

The race distance is based on age and is the same for boys and girls: children age 5-7 run 1K, and children 8-14 run one mile. The big kids’ heats start at 10am, and the event goes until the youngest group takes off at 1.30pm. For the low entry fee of $5 per child, each participant receives a t-shirt and a finisher’s ribbon. The top ten runners in each heat will receive a trophy.

I’m looking forward to sharing this event with my second grader. I guarantee you he won’t be in the Top Ten in his race, but I feel confident saying that he’ll finish feeling very proud of himself. I’m glad to have the opportunity to go out and cheer on a bunch of kids being active and learning the fun of friendly competition.


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