Bedrest Fitness: Not an oxymoron!

Darline Turner-Lee is a woman committed to making pregnancy as healthy and normal as possible, even when the expectant mom finds herself on prescribed bedrest. Through her company Mamas on Bedrest and Beyond, Darline offers services to support the needs of women and families affected by prescribed bedrest. Darline’s experience as a physician assistant and clinical exercise specialist led her to use her expertise and personal experience of two high-risk pregnancies to develop the Bedrest Fitness DVD. The DVD features Darline, at 40 years old and 8 months pregnant with her second child, performing a series of exercises modified and appropriate for women on bedrest.

From now through October 8th, Darline is donating 40% of all DVD sales to Better Bedrest, a non-profit organization that supports advocating for women on bedrest. Like many non-profits in our struggling economy, Better Bedrest is finding it difficult to carry out their outreach programs and promote information about how bedrest affects women and families. Furthermore, Better Bedrest offers microgrants to women on bedrest in an effort to relieve one stress from this trying period in their lives.

Please pass the word about the Bedrest Fitness DVD and the fundraiser to support Better Bedrest. I applaud Darline’s commitment to pregnant women and their families.


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