A Blooming Great Idea

I love great ideas. I really love great ideas started by moms. I really really love great ideas started by moms for moms. Blooming Pregnancy Spa and Imaging Center is one such idea, and for those of us lucky enough to live in Austin, it’s also a reality!

I went by Blooming for a sneak peek a few days ago. The owner, Patti Justice, is a registered massage therapist who loves working with perinatal women. She is also a mom herself. She said she has long had the idea of a relaxing retreat that caters to pregnant women, and she’s thrilled that her dream is now a reality. Not only is Blooming a lovely, well-designed space, but the women Ms. Justice has hired are warm, welcoming, and friendly.

Blooming’s services include a full menu of spa services: facials, massage, waxing, and nail services. And for the pregnant woman who wants to be treated like a queen (and who doesn’t?), there’s nothing like the seriously comfy chairs at Blooming’s nail stations. If massage is more what the body needs, the massage therapists have specially-designed bolsters to support the pregnant body as the mom-to-be lies comfortably on the table. Best of all, spa services all use naturally-derived products that are safe for both mom and baby.

What makes Blooming unique is that the spa also offers 3D/4D ultrasound technology. An experienced medical sonographer conducts the ultrasound, which is done in a spa-like room with plenty of room on the comfy couch for family and friends. Everyone gets a great view of baby on the 42″ LCD screen mounted on the wall across the room. What a relaxing and memorable way to see your growing baby.

Interested in finding out more? Blooming is having a grand opening on Saturday, August 28 from 10.30am- 2.30pm. There will be free prenatal yoga classes by Jess G at 12.30 and 1.30 (email info@bloomingpregnancyspa.com to pre-register), car seat safety tips from Safe Kids Austin, baby photo tips from Amber Snow Photography, and a pregnancy pickles and ice cream social at noon. Come to the spa, which is located in the Sunset Valley Village Shopping Center at 5601 Brodie Ln, check out the services, and register to win some fabulous door prizes.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have not been compensated by Blooming to write this post. I’m just a gal who is all for a locally-owned business that helps women in all phases of the transformation into motherhood feel their very best.


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