Fun Places to Play

As many of you know, I’ve taken the summer off to travel with my family. One of the best parts about travelling with children is that you get to explore some really cool playgrounds. I’m not talking about the giant plastic cookie-cutter playscapes you find littering the American landscape. I’m talking about some really cool apparatus on which children can climb, whirl, slide, jump, and otherwise tire themselves out.

London is a fabulous city for children. There’s a playground right in the shadow of the London Eye, and it had a great circuit of balance activities.

My younger son, the Monkey:

The Monkey and one of our London friends

There’s also a super cool web climber, and it took all of my strength not to try it out, too.

The Princess Diana Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens is a must-do; tt’s Peter Pan themed.
(That’s one of me scallywags up ‘top the crow’s nest)

Yo ho ho!

My little princes…

This is an awesome playground in Coin Street near Waterloo; we’ve been there several times before.

The Monkey loved the “up high climbing places”

Another fairly common find in South London playgrounds is the zip line. You know how I love a zip line! The Bear does, too.

When we got tired of playgrounds, we’d just go to the park. I keep this super-quick-inflatable ball in my bag, so we’re ready to make up games at any time.

It was also a good way for my boys to make friends.

We even found a playground in Venice!! Venice!!! Where the streets are made of water and there is pretty much zero green space!!! This one was on Murano.

Travel with kids is a lot more fun when they have great places to play. And these places were pretty fun for the adults, too!


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