Wednesday Workout: Water

In celebration of the beginning of summer, here’s a simple circuit to be done in the water. Do each of the exercises in waist-deep water (or as directed) for one minute for two complete circuits and a total of 10 minutes of exercise.

Squats, jumping jacks, stair dips, x-c ski, poolside pushups

– Squats are done just as on land, paying the same attention to form so that the knees do not project over the toes.
– Jumping Jacks are done just as on land EXCEPT keep your arms under water for more resistance.
– Stair Dips are tricep dips done on the pool steps.
– X-C ski just as on land, jumping with alternate feet forward and back and pumping arms under water.
– Poolside Pushups are done by putting hands on the pool deck and pushing the body upwards out of the water, then gently lowering back in.

At the end of the circuit, move to deeper water and tread water. At the beginning 5 minutes of treading water will be challenging. Work up until you can tread water for 10-15 minutes for a great cardio workout.

Remember, aquatic exercise is fantastic for pregnant women because of bouyancy. Don’t do any jumping if it doesn’t feel good, but adapt the exercises to suit your stage of pregnancy. Using a noodle to support the upper body and treading water with the lower body is a great modification.

Keep a bottle of water poolside while you exercise; even if you don’t feel dehydrated, your muscles need water.

Good health and great happiness to you.


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