Happy National Running Day!

Today, Wednesday June 2, 2010, is one of those important but lesser-known holidays: National Running Day! Readers of onbalance know that I love to run. You know that I’ve inherited this love of running from my dad, and it was genetic inevitability that I would find pleasure in lacing up my shoes and hitting the streets.

For those of you who think you hate running, I urge you to get out today and give it another try. You can run in a lot of different ways:
-run for 30 seconds and then walk for 30 seconds;
-find a hill and run down it, arms flapping wildly and breeze blowing in your hair;
-chase some children, and listen to them squeal with delight;
-run your errands! Seriously! Take a backpack, and walk/run your way to the store for milk;
-run until you’ve seen a natural object from every color of the rainbow;
-run backwards, and give your hamstrings a great workout;
-run with a friend, and be amazed at how fast the time passes;
-run rhymically with your breath: inhale for three steps, exhale for three steps;
-run with your dog;
-run for fun!

Enjoy the simplicity of running. It’s just you and the open road.

Good health and great happiness to you!


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