Summer Blog Tour 2010

Thanks to Living My MoMent and The Work at Home Woman for including the onbalance blog in the Summer Blog Tour 2010. I hope you find something useful here at onbalance, the blog dedicated to musings about fitness, family, and creating wellness everyday. Exercise has played a huge role in my life, forming the basis of many of my social relationships as well as providing me the opportunity to challenge myself. Never did I rely more on the positive power of fitness than when I first became a parent. Knowing that I had to take care of myself in order to best take care of my child, I committed myself to finding ways to keep myself physically fit and emotionally well.

Balance Personal Fitness Training was born out of my passion for teaching and with gratitude for the benefits I have reaped from leading a fit and active life. I am committed to helping others become models of wellness, like parents who want their kids to grow up with a healthy respect for their bodies. My work as a certified personal trainer (with an additional certification as a pre/postnatal fitness specialist) allows me to help others, especially moms, create a sense of balance in their lives.

Being a work-at-home mom means finding that balance for myself, too. As many of you no doubt know, most people think that working at home means loads of free time and doing whatever we want, when we want. Not so! How many times has well-planned exercise slipped off of your to-do list because of work or family commitments?

Even the busiest of us can include exercise in our daily lives once we start thinking about it creatively. I encourage my Austin-based clients and blog readers to find whatever activity they enjoy—there is no single path to fitness and good health. As you’ll see from the blog, my fitness endeavors range from flying trapeze lessons to ultramarathons with my dad to ways my kids and I play together.

I look forward to hearing about all the ways you find balance and cultivate wellness in your life.

Good health and great happiness to you!


23 responses to “Summer Blog Tour 2010

  1. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for being part of the Summer Blog Tour!

    I totally know what you mean about exercise falling off the daily schedule! You’re motivating me to get back on the horse this week! And flying trapeze lessons – how fun is that! I’m off to read about that!

    • I truly think the key is finding the form of exercise you love. If you look forward to it, the ‘work’ goes away and it becomes something you crave and enjoy. Part of the fun is searching….I love to try new things!

  2. I bought a dog. A true companion that will go for a walk with me in the middle of the winter and late at night in the summer. He is a big black Newfinland and will protect me with his own life. I thank God for my best friend, Deuteronomy , he keeps me true and guided in my physical and emotional alone time with Papa.

    • Dogs are excellent workout companions! It’s nice to know someone believes in you and will put you through your paces, regardless of what kind of day you’ve had.

  3. Karen, I have totally fallen off of my exercise regime. For 2.5 weeks, I was doing p90x and while I liked the exercises, the time commitment was just too much at one time. I couldn’t do an hour block at a time cause I have 2 little kids and I thought about getting up early and doing it but since my youngest (6 months) is still not sleeping through the night, I wasn’t getting the sleep I needed. Then I thought that I could do it when they went to bed at night, but I really need those couple hours to decompress from the day. So I really need something that I can do in 20 min. intervals or when they are awake. I’m hanging on to more than 15 pounds of baby weight still and I would like it to just go away! Thanks for being a part of the Summer Blog Tour!

  4. Hey from another Blog Tour Mama. Wow what a great blog!! I have challenged myself to a “30 by30” – lose 30 pounds by my 30th birthday. I am already down 9, so I am excited that I will achieve my goal. I have to make myself exercise the MOMENT I get in from taking my girls to school, otherwise I will not get to it. I got a bicycle a few weeks ago, and it has been my friend – though the Newfoundland sounds more snuggly! Ha!

    • Go for it, Lynsey! Scheduling exercise in to your day, just like any other important appointment, really helps you follow through. I’ll be cheering you on as you work towards your goal.

  5. That’s so great! I can totally do that. What’s the schedule look like for doing those workout segments?

    • You’ll get good variety if you do the first three M, TH and the second three T, F. Add in a day of long, moderate-intensity cardio work for 30 mins on W & S and take off Sunday to rest.

  6. Congrats on being on the Summer Blog Tour!
    I need to exercise LOL. I need to lose aobut 40 pounds. I’m pretty much a water drinker, but this week I’m making usre to get in at least 64 oz. each day. Lots of trips to the bathroom here at work, and lots of trips during the night. I just can’t stop drinking early enough to not have to go.

  7. Hi! What a great, motivational blog! I am not a fan of working out, but I know that it’s important. I may have to read your blog more often! Going to connect with you on Twitter as @mommybagshou. 🙂

  8. Hi Karen! Nice to ‘meet’ you on the Tour! I’m featured Wednesday! I try to exercise 3-5 times per week the biggest challenge I face is finding the time! Hopefully I’m setting a good example for my kids that health and exercise is important! That’s probably a bigger deal to me than reaching my ideal weight!

    • Good for you, Dawn. Your kids will grow up understanding that being healthy is an important part of your life…doing what you can is a realistic example for them!

  9. I’m totally going to try and start tomorrow! I just need to figure out what my cardio on Wed. and Saturday is going to be. I guess I could always start running again. We’ll see, maybe I’ll get out the TaeBo videos as well. I love kickboxing, but there again lies the time constraint of having kids. Maybe I was just blast music for a half an hour and dance around with the kids. 🙂 We’ll see.

  10. I am with Abbey! So, that workout that you suggested for her, is something I can totally do too! I am so excited to have found your blog! Thanks sooo much! Now to get healthy and in shape!!!! I am saving that workout to my computer now! So nice to meet you and I will be back! Happy Summer Blog Tour Day 😉

    • Stay tuned throughout the summer for more posts of circuit workouts…they’re my favorite because they’re quick, effective, and they keep your body guessing.

  11. Hi Karen
    Stopping by on the Summer Blog Tour.
    I was Day 4.
    Great site! Since turning 40 I have tried to make exercise a priority! My husband is a good inspiration and we also do active things with our son as a family!
    Best of luck! Beth

  12. summer in florida means you have to be in shape all year round so I am soo happy to have found you via the summer blog tour, you totally motivated me! I need to loose 4 lbs and trim my tummy, and have been way to lazy about it, thanks!

  13. I totally stink at keeping up the exercise. No excuses now as I signed up for the 3 day. Off to read some more and see if you have any tips for a newbie runner.

  14. Hi there! i’m part of the Summer Blog Tour and way behind! Love your blog and look forward to getting to know you better!

    Have a beautiful day!

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