Ten Ways to Say: Happy Active Mother’s Day!

1. There are fun runs and road races all over the country dedicated to moms and families. It’s not too late to find one and join in the fun.

2. Tell your kids to take a hike…but go with them!

3. My Monkey’s preschool has a family campout on Mother’s Day weekend. The great outdoors, other kids to entertain yours, and other moms to chat with is a great combination.

4. If you’re in a warm climate, find yourself a raft and float in the pool. Let the kids splash and play while you envision yourself on the ocean in Hawaii.

5. Have your kids set up a backyard obstacle course. You can either join in the fun or act as the official timekeeper as they race.

6. Take a new-to-you class. Always wanted to try yoga, pilates, spinning, rowing, or running? Take some time for yourself to learn a new modality.

7. Skip the brunch and pack a healthy picnic. Bonus points if you go to a playground and challenge your kids to the monkey bars while you’re there!

8. Find a pick-your-own farm, and discover the fun of getting fresh food right from the source. Options depend on your location, but there’s something fresh near you!

9. Go on a family bike ride. It’s a classic family-friendly activity. And if you’re the one who pulls the little one(s) in a bike trailer (like I am in my family), it’s a great workout even at a kid-friendly pace.

10. Take a nap! Rest is a key component of any well-rounded fitness program. And let’s face it: You’ve earned it, Mama!


2 responses to “Ten Ways to Say: Happy Active Mother’s Day!

  1. Great ideas! Another fun Mother’s Day activity is to plant an organic garden together.

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