Balance and the Work at Home Woman

Eliminating the re-creation of the wheel saves time, effort, and stress. More importantly, it often leads to connections and community that one would miss out on by trying to go it alone. This idea is true in most aspects of one’s life.

For me, I am grateful to have found The Work at Home Woman. I learned about this website from its founder Holly Reisem Hanna, a fellow member of Business + Balance Austin. Holly has created an online forum where work-at-home women can mine each others’ experiences with little effort and great results.

The fantastic blend of business tips, entrepreneuer profiles, and links to other useful resources makes TWAHW an easy, interesting, and useful read. Many of the contributers are women I know– including the fabulous Michelle Rodriguez of Well Styled who did my makeover last spring– so I feel confident recommending the site to others. Many of my clients are work-at-home-moms much like myself; I’ve shared with them The Work at Home Woman, as I know that quality sites regarding the mompreneuer experience aren’t always easy to find. In doing so, I am helping to promote the work of women in my community whose experience and talent I respect.

Even if you aren’t local to Austin, the general business insight that TWAHW provides is useful. Who doesn’t need help with organizing, work-life balance, or marketing? Don’t waste time searching all over the internet for these tips– they’re all a part of TWAHW and applicable to many fields of work.

If you’re looking into the future and longing to create change in your home or work, TWAHW can be a resource for you. There is an entire section devoted to Work at Home jobs— with the benefit that someone else has already sifted out the scams. The world of working at home is wide open now, and it is up to you to take advantage of the offerings.

Just like in my fitness routine, I seek efficiency in my work life. I am grateful for the resources of TWAHW, and I encourage you to see how they’ll make your work and life more productive, too.


One response to “Balance and the Work at Home Woman

  1. Right back at ya, through your recommendation of Title Nine I was able to connect with them and host a Shopping Field Trip at their store. The power of female networking is AMAZING! You’re right, I can’t imagine doing this “entrepreneur” gig on my own.

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