Healthy Women Should Know About Healthy Woman

Healthy Woman Logo

Last night, I was a guest of the fine women of Sullivan Physical Therapy at the Healthy Woman Anniversary Celebration. Healthy Woman is an outreach program of Cedar Park Regional Medical Center, and from what I saw at the brand new Cedar Park Center last night, they’re on a road to success.

The evening began in the concourse, with about fifty vendor booths set up for the mostly female crowd to browse. The booths represented the wide spectrum of products and services that contribute to women’s wellness: skin care products, jewelers, chiropractors, vitamin options, OB/GYNs, and many others. Some booths had demos, probably the most popular of which was Rachel Garman’s chair massage. There was an excited buzz all about the concourse.

The beautifully-presented dinner portion of the evening featured a fashion show followed by a keynote address by Linda Armstrong Kelly (aka Lance’s Mom.) Her story of being “a self-made Cinderella” emphasized the importance of persistence, hard work, setting goals, and being grateful for success. She also spoke about supporting Lance through his cancer treatments, reminding the crowd that it is each individual’s responsibility to advocate for her own health. It was a fitting way to finish an evening dedicated to women’s wellness needs.

It was both uplifting and reassuring to be in the company of 800+ other women who actively seek to live a life of wellness. I look forward to the next Healthy Woman event. What a fantastic resource they are for Central Texas women.


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