Pushing the Reset Button

Enjoying the Low Country in Beaufort, SC

One of my favorite weekends of the year has just come and gone. Each November, I meet up with girlfriends from all over the country for a weekend of friendship and fellowship. We choose a different location each year, and this year we enjoyed the hospitality and gorgeous weather of Beaufort, SC.

While this may seem an odd location for a get together, it is home for one of my girlfriends, and it is near to Auldbrass, a plantation that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Auldbrass is owned by Hollywood movie producer Joel Silver, who has spent the past two decades restoring Auldbrass to the vision set on paper by Wright in the 1930s. Silver opens his home to the public every five years as a way of supporting the Beaufort County Open Land Trust. My girlfriends and I were keen to take the opportunity to tour the home and its amazing grounds.

In addition to having a geekfest at the plantation, we had plenty of time for chatting and laughing and eating. (We even ate multiple meals at restaurants– with no crayons!) Sitting on my girlfriend’s front porch, watching the snapping turtles in the pond in her front yard, and sharing stories with friends allowed me to breathe deeply. Although we see each other en masse only once per year, the familiarity of our friendships are comfortable and comforting.

My girlfriend’s neighborhood, Habersham, is a neighborhood designed using the principles of new urbanism. Going for a few long runs in a neighborhood made up of well designed, thoughtful homes was such a treat. There are also boardwalks going over and through the marshes of Habersham that made for exotic running adventures. And the sunny, warm weather only made the runs more enjoyable.

My annual parole (as me and my fellow mama girlfriends refer to it) is like pushing my reset button. And any weekend that contains friendship, geekdom, running, and sunshine is a good one.


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