What’s holding you back?

I posed a question to my favorite citizens of mama-nation this week: what is the single biggest obstacle keeping you from achieving the level of fitness you’d like to have?

As you might imagine, a lot of the mamas said time.  After all, who doesn’t wish for a secret hour or two of ALL ME time each and every day.  Alas, that doesn’t exist.  So we press on with our multiple and always-changing priorities, often forgetting to put ourselves anywhere on that list.  Time then goes by, we haven’t done much to take care of our bodies, and we fall asleep exhausted at the end of another long day.

My mamas were honest that the siren song of food is another stumbling block.  I think that the powerful stigmas associated with food make us feel far worse about our diets than the food itself.  Perhaps allowing one’s self to eat a little of what one craves isn’t so bad– it keeps us from bingeing and also reminds us to savor what we consume.  Eating thoughtfully is key to gaining not only fitness but also wellness.

I think the biggest surprise to me was that a lot of my mamas admitted lacking motivation to exercise.   Sure, we all know exercise is good for us.  We all know that to be healthy we need to exercise.  But at the end of the day, sitting on the couch feels so good.  How do we resolve the lack of motivation? 

I recommend exercising first thing in the morning.  Even if it just 10 minutes, you have started the day off positively, and you’re more likely to keep those positive actions going all day.  Also, a workout buddy or a personal trainer can provide the accountability some people need to exercise regularly, and they also give you someone to talk with during your workout.

Aren’t you worth it?  What is more motivating than knowing that you’re doing something beneficial for yourself?  Keep a journal of your feelings after you exercise, and I guarantee you’ll see a pattern of positivism develop.  Imagine the power of that positivism spreading throughout your life.  Motivating, isn’t it?!

Good health and great happiness to you.


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