End of Season Review

Trapeze season has come to a close for me.  Although the awesome Trapeze Experience guys will be down at the rig through Saturday, due to work and family schedules I’ve taken my last flight of the 2009 Spring Season.

Let me begin by saying that I am only baby steps closer to polishing my trapeze skills than I was six lessons ago, but in a sport that can never really be mastered, baby steps are exciting.  Also, I believe trapeze is a positive experience, so rather than dwell on the many, many places I can improve, I want to review what I’ve done well this season.

  • My Swing.  Wow.  So! Much! Better!  I am better able to maintain my height for longer, and I don’t get nearly as tired each flight.  Becoming more efficient makes swinging way easier.
  • Back End Tricks.  They’re improving.  I still can’t confidently do the back-end splits to a catch, but my straddle whip is feeling really good.
  • Layout.  Possibly the most fun trick I’ve tried.  It’s all in the timing, and I can finally feel the ‘stall’ that is critical to catching the layout reliably. 
  • Recovery Time.  I stretched better before each class, and I implemented my own post-class stretching routine.  By doing so, my recovery time has shortened to almost nothing.  I’m now beginning to understand how a 5-day intensive workshop could be really, really fun.

Between now and September, I have two trapeze-related goals to achieve: 1) I’m going to continue the strength training routine I’ve developed to keep my shoulders and lats strong.  2) I’m also going to do the monkey bars at the playground with The Bear to keep my hands in shape.  I have some lovely callouses worked up, and it would be a shame to have to break in my hands again in the fall.

My thanks to Russell, Spencer, and Charlie for their patience with me this season.  I appreciate your constructive criticism and friendliness.  If everyone had as much passion about their work as you guys, the world would be a better place.

And although this isn’t the world’s most beautiful layout, it sure was fun. 



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