Feel Good, Look Good

Given the amount of time and energy I spend keeping my body healthy, I can’t say I do myself a lot of favors with the way I dress.  As a personal trainer with an always on-the-go schedule, I’m often in some type of workout wear.  When I’m not working, life with the Bear and the Monkey necessitate casual clothes that breathe easy.  It’s been a life of solid color tees and shorts/jeans for me.  I’m not exactly a schlump, but I’m definitely not fashionable either.

Enter Michelle Rodriguez.  She is the owner of Well-Styled, a fabulous company that will do everything from edit your closet full of clothes with nothing to wear to be your personal shopper at whatever price point you choose.  Michelle’s style sense is obvious, but it’s her approachability and enthusiasm for helping her clients feel confident that make her so fantastic.

I met Michelle this morning at Francesca’s Collections, and she gave me a crash course in summer dressing.  I tried on various sundresses and halter dresses, all with simple but lovely accessories as well.  Michelle’s eye for color and cut were dead on.  Even though there were two dresses I *never* would have picked out for myself, they were really flattering when worn.  I liked how I felt much more polished in a matter of seconds.  Presto!  Chango!

I can only imagine what Michelle would do for me if she saw my dresser and closet—- well, honestly, I imagine she’d weep.  But then she’d have a million suggestions for me, all graciously delivered, that would whip me into the more presentable state I desire to be in.

A lot of my clients ask me for ideas for rewards as they reach different health and fitness goals.  My newest favorite recommendation is a consulation from Well Styled.  After all, with good health, a great attitude, and nicely fitting stylish clothes– you’re unstoppable.


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