Good Advice

I spent last week riding the Swine Flu Rollercoaster. Between the unending media coverage and the local school closing announcements, there were many who appeared convinced the End was near. And while I certainly do not make light of the illness and the speed with which it can spread, I admittedly chuckled smugly as I read the advice that came home with The Bear from his elementary school:

-Get plenty of sleep.
-Wash your hands frequently.
-Exercise regularly.
-Eat nutritious food.
-Avoid stressful situations.

Haven’t we heard all of this before? I have a mental tape of my mother saying all of those things, pretty much every day for my entire childhood. And although the thought of a new virus sweeping through the world at an alarming rate *is* reason for pause, I find it refreshing that the tips for avoiding falling ill are the same common sense tips that ground a basic sense of wellness. Life is complicated enough; when good advice is simple, I’m grateful.

Good health and great happiness to you.


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