Need a virtual cheerleader?

If your nutrition and fitness ideals are regularly sidetracked, you’ll be glad to know that there are several websites that can help you meet your goals. 

Are you interested in finding out the nuts-and-bolts of  calories in and calories out?  Check out calories-per-hour, which has several useful calculators.  You can use their food calculator to track the calorie count of foods– regardless of whether you’re a cook-at-home with groceries or a dining out type of eater.  Of course, that’s just half of the equation.  Use the activity calculator to find out how many calories you burn doing various activities, from cleaning the house to running a marathon.  Want to put it all together?  A personal equation can be determined using the weight loss calculator.

If you want someone–or a bunch of people–to help hold you accountable on your wellness journey, I recommend Spark People.  This site has tools similar to calories-per-hour, but it also has forums, message boards, group contests, and more.   Whether you’re looking for a weekly nutrition plan or a daily dose of wellness motivation, Spark People can provide it.  And the wealth of resources is provided for free.  Check it out!


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