What am I doing, exactly?

I received an email from a local magazine enquiring if I would like to advertise with them.  “Bikini season is right around the corner!” it reminded me.  It also reminded me how very little I associate “fitness” with “bikinis.”

While having a bod that rocks a bikini is a motivating goal for some people, it’s unrealistic and unnecessary for most.  I approach fitness in a much broader way– pardon the pun– and encourage my clients to do the same.  I think about function: who is the client, and how does she need to move to complete daily tasks?  How can I help her make those tasks easier on her body and allow her to complete them more efficiently?  Are there repetitive motions that she does– either consciously like working at a computer or unconsciously like reaching from the driver’s seat back to hand baby a toy or snack– that can cause injury if the body isn’t working well?  After all, if mama ain’t functional, the family is in trouble.

Functional fitness raises body awareness.  From postural issues to activity cues, the exercises that create a functional fitness plan are simple.  The workout comes in doing them in an appropriate combination, at an appropriate intensity, and for an appropriate number of sets and reps.  Once the exercises and combinations are learned, functional fitness should become integrated into a person’s life and provide long-lasting benefits.  And while it may seem ridiculously banal, having a fit and functional body is actually a gift in and of itself.  It is a key component to achieving a sense of balanced wellness.

If you’re looking to get into a bikini and turn heads on the beach, I can help you achieve that, too.


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