Rest. Recharge. Reframe. Renew.

After a big event like the half marathon, I like to take time to rest.  This period of rest allows my body to recharge after months of focused training, and it allows my mind to reframe my priorities.  At the end of the rest, I enjoy a renewed sense of purpose and store of energy.

I took a full week off of running.  I might ordinarily only rest 4 or 5 days, but I was still feeling the effects of my bike crash, and I felt I needed to make sure I was healed.  I began my workouts slowly, consciously feeling my muscles working and being mindfully grateful for their strength and power.  It certainly helps that the weather has been lovely of late, and breathing deeply and running through spring breezes is nourishing.

I can’t lie– I’ve had a busier than normal past few weeks.  The Bear’s Kindergarten year is wrapping up, and it seems there are now homework and activities and special presentations that require my attention and assistance.  The Husband has been travelling two out of the last three weeks, and while that means more work on the home front for me, it also means The Monkey is quite needy.  Add into the mix that I am working my old contract job right now as well, and I’m feeling pretty pressed.    The rest period came at a most opportune time, as I needed to be able to reframe my priorities and reset the balance in my life.

To that end, I have interviewed and hired a new babysitter who will work a few hours a week now through the summer.  That will give me focused time to work on my clients’ programs and maintian good communication with them.  I also took a trapeze lesson this week; while carving two precious hours out of a jam-packed schedule took some higher math to achieve, I walked away feeling confident, capable, physically powerful, and happy.  Also, I’ve spent some time with my fabrics and patterns and have a long list of sewing projects that await my attention– whenever the mood strikes.

I now feel ready to take on the next few weeks and months.  This is a busy time of year for us.  We’ve entered birthday season; and mother’s day/father’s day and anniversary season, too; we have six weeks until the end of school.  But I feel ready.  I’m rested, recharged, and ready to go.


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