Looking for a new challenge?

Have you always wanted to try a triathlon?  Does the idea terrify you?  Either way, I can help you achieve a challenging fitness goal.

Starting Saturday, April 1th, I’ll be holding an eight-week training group for women preparing for a summer triathlon.  The group will be geared to beginners, so as long as you have a base level of fitness– meaning you’ve been cleared by a physician for physical activity–and know how to swim even the doggy paddle, this group is for you!

For the first six weeks, we’ll rotate through each of the sports individually, focussing on tips for efficient training and successful racing.  In the final two weeks, we’ll complete ‘brick’ workouts– that is, putting two of the sports together as you will complete them in the race and getting valuable experience with the transition.  At the end of the training session, you will feel physically competent and emotionally confident to complete a sprint triathlon.

Participants will be encouraged to enter the Danskin Triathlon to test their efforts.  It is a fantastic and fun event.  And knowing that you have completed a triathlon is a great accomplishment.

If you’re looking for a supportive environment in which to test your physical capabilities, contact me to register.

  • Saturdays April 11th-May 30th
  • 8-9am
  • Zilker Playscape Parking Lot
  • $75

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