Slow! Down!

Much of February was a blur, as we dealt with a sickness that was passed from one family member to another. Despite our being out of commission, the world pressed on without us. What that means is that I’m now pathetically behind on life.

As I’m playing catch up, I am a list-making maven. I’m writing down tasks and crossing them off as quickly as I can. And while it feels nice to be productive again, I’m exhausted. What kind of role model of balance am I?

As I was walking to my morning workout today– in the darkness of night thanks to the time change– I was reminded that I need to slow down. Enjoy the ride. Recognize the process of getting from A to B. After all, Fozzy and Kermit promise that getting there is half the fun. And they’re right!

To take one thing off my plate– pardon the pun– Allison Reyna of Food as Life is going to guest blog for me later this week. She is a nutrition counselor who has loads of great ideas for eating healthfully and enjoying it.  I know you’ll find her tips useful.


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