Under the Weather

January and February are always tough months in Austin– often the weather is gorgeously sunny and warm, yet for those of us who suffer from “Cedar Fever”, these days are nothing more than cruel temptations.

I frequently fall for the Siren song, which leaves me as I am now: sniffling, with watery eyes and a wheezy chest. I am thankful that my allergies are limited to this seasonal inconvenience. Still, for those who have to listen to my croaky voice and for those who rely on me to coach them to a healthier life, I’d really rather not feel this way. And it’s not particularly comforting to know that I don’t suffer alone. It just means there are a lot of us who aren’t enjoying these amazing days.

In the end, allergies can’t keep me inside. It’s just too perfect out there. So if you see me sniffling and coughing through a run, let’s both pretend you didn’t see me wipe my nose on my t-shirt.

Good health and great happiness to you.


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