Join me tomorrow: Go Red for Women!

Quick Quiz!!

Q: What is the #1 cause of death of women in the United States?

A:  Heart disease

Surprised?  If so, you’re not alone.

For many women, breast cancer is a woman’s greatest medical fear.  And, rightly so, breast cancer has a fantastic research and media-rich lobbying organization in the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation.  While their hard work has contributed to millions of women receiving regular mammograms and the funding of ongoing significant breast cancer research, millions of other women are losing their lives because they never thought about their risks for heart disease.

The American Heart Association has designated Friday, February 6th as Go Red for Women day.  By wearing red– my favorite color when it comes to clothing on any day– tomorrow, you show your support for research and education regarding women and heart disease. 

For all of you who have resolved to stop smoking, eat healthier, and get more exercise, all three of those activities greatly reduce your risks of heart disease.  But don’t stop there.  Use the American Heart Association’s online heart health checkup to receive a quick, free assessment.  And then follow up with your physician to see how you can continue to make improvements in your health and lifestyle.

Good health and great happiness to you.


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