How am I doing?

In December, I posted about four goals I set for myself to achieve in 2009.  Just like I encourage my clients to do, I’m going to review them and track my progress— and shortcomings.

Goal #1- Actively Meet New People

I challenged myself to participate in the Business + Balance group more actively, and I’ve done that!  I went to the January meeting, met 11 new people, and I’ve even followed up with a few of them.  My new “super-goal” will be to follow up with each new person I meet, even if it’s just a quick email. 

I went to a “B” is for Blog workshop last week and met several new people there, too.  I am having a follow-up meeting with one person later this week.

I have not yet participated in a SIG (Special Interest Group), but I’m working well towards my goal of meeting 30 new people by April.

Goal #2- Eliminate Toxic Relationships

I am limiting my time online in communities that are a drain of positive energy.  I don’t think I’m down to 30 minutes of time per day–my stated goal–but I am staying out of heated debates and not engaging in discussions that do not sustain me.

I am working more efficiently and effectively, but I can still make improvements.

Goal #3- Improve Marketing for Balance Personal Fitness Training

New website!  Click above!  Check it out!  I think it looks fantastic, and it was one of those projects that wasn’t nearly as difficult as I’d let myself believe.  And I got it done way before my Spring Break deadline.

Media kit- I have a cover page and a bio drafted, but I’m letting them simmer a few days before revising and mailing out.  I missed my end-of-January deadline.  New deadline: February 13th.  Mailing to 25 people.

Goal #4- Continue self improvement through sewing and flying trapeze

Sewing– I have a long list of projects to work on during February, which is a month of stash-only sewing.  (That means no! buying! fabric!)  I have all of the patterns traced, and many of them include new techniques for me to try.  I am still planning on posting images of the results in the Runway on Sewing Mamas when I’m fininshed.

Flying Trapeze– The rig is down until late Spring, so all I can do now is some focused strength training and flexibility work.  To hold myself accountable, I will post one trapeze-focused workout per month in February, March, and April.

The other big goal: Running.  I posted about my training plans and racing intentions for the year.  Despite January being a month of sick kids and visiting in-laws, I have done well with my training.  I am incorporating more challenging (read: wicked hilly) runs into my weekly routine, and I am really enjoying the long runs.  The repetitiveness of left-right-left-right-left-right never gets old for me.

I have a feeling 2009 is going to be a fantastic year.


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