Be Proud!

Amidst all of the virtual list and resolution making going on right now, I find a common omission…..while people are quick to point out their shortcomings during the year gone by, very few people are noting what went well.  I challenge you to identify 5-10 things in your life that you are proud of.  What did you accomplish this year that made you feel alive?  happy? renewed? or even awed by your own goodness?

2008 was a remarkably good year for me, which was refreshing in its own right.  After having several years where I felt ‘less than’, I seem to have found a stride that is working well for me and giving me a sense of balance and completeness that was lacking.

For 2008:

I am proud that I began a new career.  After studying and passing the Cooper Institute personal trainer certification, I kicked off Balance Personal Fitness Training.  Starting my own business has been an education in-and-of itself, and I am proud of what I have learned and accomplished.  I have taken on this endeavor in addition to my wife-and-mother roles, and doing so has required a lot of personal sacrifice.

I am proud that I tried something new and found something I love: flying trapeze.  I haven’t done anything that I’ve immediately taken to since I was a child…..and what a thrill it is.  I can’t wait to do more work and workouts with trapeze in ’09.

I am proud that I sewed nearly all of the clothes my children wear.  It is a creative and mental challenge to plan and execute a full wardobe.  My technical skills also improved greatly this year.  Again, I was rewarded my trying new things, as my sewing is looking less home sewn and more ready-to-wear.

I am proud that I have made some new friends this year.  I have several new friends that I really enjoy being with; they are creative and interesting and patient and kind, and I am truly grateful to have them in my life.

I am proud that I took my kids on a lot of adventures.  We travelled far and wide— from a bus journey between our neighborhood and the State Capitol to a multi-week trip abroad, we were on the move.  We saw old friends and old haunts, reigniting the fires of friendship and familiarity.  We discovered new places and new people– and seeing those discoveries through the eyes of my children is always invigorating.

Now it’s your turn.  Pat yourself on the back.  There is so much to be grateful for and so much to be proud of– I give you permission to bang your own drum and toot your own horn.  I’m listening for you!

Good health and great happiness to you.


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