Finding my Fire

Today’s reflection challenge is inspired by Steven Covey and his concept of “The Fire Within.”  Feeling The Fire– which is a *good* thing– occurs when your four areas of basic need are met.  Physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs govern our lives (in varying proportion, as seen from yesterday’s balance challenge), and when they are all humming along happily, we feel The Fire.

When thinking about the happiest time in my life, I don’t know if it was The Fire.  I do know that I was physically challenged (training for a marathon while caring for a newborn), mentally engaged (organizing, researching, and leading a walking tour of 1920s London), spiritually active (regularly attending Mass with my husband and consciously choosing to have our baby baptized in our faith), and socially fulfilled (despite being thousands of miles from family and home, I had a fantastic group of friends with whom I identified and felt very close to).  It was happiness.  It was bliss.  But I also knew it was a temporary state, so perhaps I just got lucky for a few years. 

At any rate, I’d love to feel like that again.  My life has changed in significant ways since that time: I have a second child; I live in a fairly suburban environment; I am working to build a business; I am a member of a parish, yet we are not very involved; I have a big group of friends, but my interactions with people tend to be in snippets rather than in long, unhurried conversation.  How can I adapt my current life to the happy, humming state I had before?  Because to live  The Fire is to be genuine….and being my authentic self and acting honestly with others reflects my core values.

But how do I get there?  How do I find my fire? 

I am fotunate because my basic needs are relatively well taken care of.  As I identified yesterday, there is always room for improvement.

Regarding relationships, I feel energized with the progress I have made recently.  I am actively meeting new people and attempting to offer my authentic self to them.  I am not a cocktail hour person; chit-chat is difficult for me.  But give me another person who is interested in having a thoughtful conversation, and I couldn’t be happier.  Similarly, I am working to eliminate relationships that no longer inspire me.  It is difficult to admit that I have continued to participate in relationships simply out of habit, but I have.  And that is not genuine.  I do not offer those people my best, and what I take from them is not positive.  Bottom line: surround myself with people I *want* to be around.

I have so much to learn in the coming year regarding my business. As with most new endeavors, I did not know how much I did not know until I started.  My biggest area of interest is learning to market myself to a target audience (perinatalwomen) so that I can do the work I feel most called to do.  I need to follow through with plans to produce a media kit and to contact local OBs and midwives informing them of my services.

Personally, I want to continue to improve my sewing techniques so that my boys can wear Mama-made love all day while I reap the creative benefits.  I also want to continue learning flying trapeze, as it is a breath of focus and freedom in my life.  If I could sew daily (or whenever inspired) and fly weekly (or as often as the rig is available), I would have a happy balance of creativity, technique, focus, and activity….all of which is energizing.

Bring on The Fire.


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