Becoming SMARTER

As a personal trainer, I know how important it is for people to have SMART goals: specific, measureable, accountable, realistic, and time-based.  Today I’m going to look at the 2009 goals I made yesterday, and see how I can make them SMARTER– including making them exciting and recorded.

Goal #1- Actively Meet New People

S- Participate in Biz+Balance, both in the yahoo group and the bi-monthly meetings.  Participate in one B+B SIG.

M- Three meetings in the first four months of the year.  Meet (and remember!) at least ten people at each.

A- Record the meetings and new contacts here in the onbalance blog.

R- Completely realistic!

T- Thirty new contacts by the end of April.

E- Think of all the cool women I will meet.  And the fantastic goods/services they offer.  Supporting local mama-owned businesses is good for the local economy and the local vibe.

R- Here!

Goal #2- Eliminate Toxic Relationships

S- Spend less time in online communities where idle chit chat distracts me from being productive AND some of that chit chat is with people I wouldn’t spend time with in a non-virtual relationship.

M- Thirty minutes per day MAX of personal social networking.

A- You’ll just have to trust me! 

R- It’s simply self-discipline.  I can do it.

T- Starting January 1, 2009.

E- Think of all the time and energy I’ll have for work and other productive, satisfying activities!

R- Here!

Goal #3- Improve Marketing for Balance Personal Fitness Training

S- Create a ‘media kit’ to send to local media as well as perinatal health providers; New website

M- Kit to include cover letter, bio, offerings, photo; Website content fine, but new graphics needed

A- Here.

R- Yes.  It just needs to be done.  I know what to write/how I want the website to look.  It’s a matter of making it happen.

T- Media Kit- out by end of January.  New Website up by Spring Break.

E- This is the basis for creating new business.  If that’s not exciting, what is!?

R- Here. 

Goal #4- Continue self-improvement through sewing and flying trapeze (though not simultaneously!)

S- Sewing: become proficient at zippers and yokes for pants so I can make The Bear more RTW clothes; Flying Trapeze: improve swinging and learn second back end trick and one new trick

M- Sewing: can The Bear wear the pants without them looking total homesewn?; Trapeze: can I regularly catch the tricks?

A-  Sewing: post to SewingMamas runway for feedback; Trapeze: the line crew and catcher will hold me accountable

R- Yes.  These are the natural ‘next steps’ in my hobbies.

T- Sewing: by the beginning of the new school year; Trapeze: by the end of the spring session

E- Oh, yeah, it’s exciting!

R- Here.

I’m going to give these goals to my dear friend, M, who knows me well enough to tell me not only when I’m working hard but also when I’m slacking.  She will help hold me accountable, and I’m grateful for that.


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