Given the recent campaign season and election, I would think I’d have a good definition for ‘values’.  While I can, in a nebulous way, define values as ‘those ideals we hold most dear’, to try to articulate my core values is much more difficult. 

Identifying my core values is the task for day 2 in the Savvy Doula* challenge.  I’m supposed to come up with the top five.  I think narrowing it down to ten would be a victory, so let’s start there.

balance, confidence, efficiency, loyalty, peace, humor, trustworthiness, focus, creativity, conviction

After looking at that list, I think some of the values go together, perhaps they’re even redundant.

I seek balance because it gives me peacePeace in my heart and mind and soul is what allows me to act with conviction. Believing in who I am and what I do– whether I am acting in my role as wife, mother, coach, friend, or self–is truly at the core of my identity.  Conviction can easily be interpreted as confidence, because when one acts in a self-assured manner, people notice.

I value efficiency because life is too short to waste time.  But I’ve learned that to be most efficient, I must focus.  By devoting myself to one task at a time and playing only one role at a time, I am focused and present and my most genuine self. 

I hope that my focus and presence and attention let people know I care about them.  Being loyal and trustworty means paying attention to others’ needs and reserving judgement.  It also means following through on commitments.  Ultimately, though, being loyal to one’s self and beliefs is a strong guiding force.  (And the basis for this exercise and post, after all!)

I admire creativity in many forms.  I’ve played a musical instrument for most of my life.  My first career was about art and architecture and the development of design.  I currently sew almost daily.  I think that creativity is the cornerstone of what binds humanity together.

Perhaps the greatest creative force is humor–  the finest sound in all the world is human laughter.  If I woke up tomorrow deaf, I could die happy, having heard the sounds of my children’s giggles.  What joy!

My five core values are: peace, conviction, focus, loyalty, creativity




*I am not particularly saavy, nor am I a doula.  But I like where Darlene is going with this challenge, so I’m tagging along.


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