A Well-Balanced Morning

I didn’t sleep well last night.  Like many people with an early morning appointment, I was so afraid I’d oversleep that I hardly slept at all.  I kept telling myself that I was prepared, so I just needed to relax and fall asleep. 

I was up at 5.30– hardly an early morning around here, as The Monkey is usually up well before then–got dressed, packed up my things and set off for the park.  Praying that I wouldn’t be the only one to show, I set up the stations for the circuit training workout I designed.  As I completed the set-up, my neighbor M arrived.  Then another neighbor who participated in my running clinic in October arrived.  And then another woman, J, who came to the clinic arrived.  Three participants!  Success!

I commended them for showing up to a dark park at 6am on a cold December morning.  After explaining the workout, we set off on a warm-up walk.  The ladies chatted and I listened, happily, knowing that we would each be healthier thanks to the time we had together.  I coached the women through a cardio and strength circuit, working the major muscle groups and keeping ourselves plenty warm.  The hour passed quickly, with everyone completing exercises safely and orderly, and we sat down to stretch.  It was, indeed, a well-balanced morning.

For me, though, the payoff came when J told me that my running clinic helped her shave two minutes off her daily three-mile run.  Her excitement and pride were evident, and helping people find the thrill of fitness is what it’s all about for me.


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