Giving Thanks

How many reasons do you have to be thankful this year?  I have a lot.  Countless, really.  But for today, I’m going to give you the Top Ten Things I’m Thankful For this year.

10. Great neighbors who are also great friends.

9. The Monkey’s love of singing.  It is impossible to not smile when a two year old sings his heart out…..  especially when said two year old has big brown eyes, fat cheeks, and dimples.

8. The Bear’s love of reading.  You know those kids who don’t ever want to do anything but read?  Yeah, it’s awesome. 


The Bear starting Kindergarten– that’s been pretty awesome, too.

7. The hubster’s love of ice cream.  (Which has been rather important element of our relationship at all critical stages.)  Celebrating our familial love of ice cream during our annual pilgrimage to The Sundae School.

6. Having the ability and interest to sew.  With help and encouragement from my friends at SewingMamas, I’ve made a lot of progress this year.  I enjoy the creativity that sewing requires, and there’s nothing like seeing your kids running around in mama-made.

5. Travelling nearly all summer long.  And having those travels include taking the kids to Disneyland for the first time, visiting our old gaggle of friends in London to celebrate our ‘babies’ turning five, and our usual summer vacation to Cape Cod.

4.  Having the courage to follow my passion and start my own business.

3. Discovering the awesome freedom of flight on the flying trapeze.

2.  Good health.  My family and I have had another year of good health.  My best friend’s daughter has finished leukemia treatments.  We do not take our good health for granted.

1. Faith.  Both the faith that I have and that my family & friends have in me.  A belief that this world isn’t broken and that good abounds is essential to honoring who we are and what we do here in God’s creation.


Good health and great happiness to you.


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