Balance and community

There are so many exciting things happening with Balance Personal Fitness Training right now, yet the core of my work remains the same– encourage wellness within my community.

Last night was the final session of the free four-week running clinic I hosted.  I was thrilled to have so many women take part.  It was a huge success for me, as it was Balance PFT’s first big event, and it was a huge success for the 15 women who participated.  Most of those women are registered for the Austin Race for the Cure on Sunday, and I wish them well.  Most importantly, I thank them for taking time for themselves, doing something healthy, and making a positive contribution to the fight against breast cancer. 

I made the career change to become a personal trainer because I believe in the power of good.  Wellness is not just about physical health; to be well requires mental and spiritual nourishment also.  By working with people, either as individuals or in a group, I am reminded of the great benefits of establishing new relationships.  Bringing together a small community of women–many of them neighbors–for the running clinic was energizing for me.  Watching the women leave each week with new friends, a new running partner, or just someone new to wave at in the grocery store is good for my sense of well-being.

I came home to my family last night knowing that by helping others find their balance, I find my own.

Good health and great happiness to you.


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